International Trade and Investment

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TPA: Discontent Behind the Dysfunction, Part 5

Senate approves close of debate on TPA 60-37; TAA requires another vote; and then a vote in the House. Under TPA, even if TPP were concluded tomorrow, it would be at least four months before Congress could vote on ratification.

TPA: Discontent Behind Dysfunction, Part 4

Congress leaders hope to pass TPA within a week or so, but that does not mean quick conclusion to TPP talks.

TPA: Discontent Behind the Dysfunction, Part 2

TPP is in trouble because half of the public no longer believes free trade benefits them

TPA: The Discontent Behind the Dysfunction, Part 1

Putting off TPA vote to July 30 may be the best option if it gives time for viable compromise.

Data Round-Up: Trade & Vehicle Sales Add to Upside Surprises

FMI’s analyses of today’s April International Trade report and May Non-Manufacturing Index survey as well as a review of May Vehicle Sales.


A quick note on Japan's upward GDP revision, the status of TPA and TPP negotiation.

The U.S. Dollar and International Economic Conditions

FMI's quick analysis on the economic condition around the world.

TOE Alert: Senate Reaches Deal on TPA vote; Question is When

Senate Republicans and Democrats reached a deal this afternoon to get a vote to begin debate on Trade Promotion Authority (TPA), following yesterday’s failure.

TPA Vote Today was Part of the Negotiations

Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) has been delayed by today’s vote in the Senate against immediate opening of floor debate, but it definitely does not mean that TPA is dead. Rather, the vote is part of the negotiations between the Democrats and Republicans on how many other matters will be bundled together with TPA.

Data Round-Up: Int'l Trade Likely to Push 15Q1 GDP into Red; Services Upbeat

FMI’s analyses of today’s March International Trade report and April Non-Manufacturing Index.