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Supreme Court versus Obamacare II: High Drama; Not the Main Event

Despite the high drama and intense media attention, Supreme Court versus Obamacare II is a sideshow. The main event remains how market forces are reshaping fundamental supply-demand relationships in healthcare delivery.

‘Hot Streak’ Continues: Expect +3% GDP in 14Q4 & Beyond

FMI’s Preview of 14Q4 GDP and commentary on the impact of lower oil prices.

TOE Alert: Offshoring Continues to Grow Despite Weak Yen

Richard analyzes the reason behind Japanese multinational companies' growing trend to produce in overseas countries, especially in Asia, despite the weakening yen.

Negating Economic Fatalism in U.S. Health Expenditure

U.S. government whiffs on 10-year health expenditure forecast

ACA Limiting Payroll Job Gains, Raising Employees’ Costs

FMI’s commentary on the mostly negative impacts of the Affordable Care Act on employer-sponsored insurance plans.