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Data Round-Up: Harvey Blows Up Initial UI Claims; Fischer to Resign

FMI’s analysis of this morning’s Weekly UI Claims results and the Revised 17Q2 Productivity & Labor Costs report as well as notes on this morning's 17Q2 Quarterly Services Survey and today's Mario Draghi press conference.

Data Round-Up: Productivity Trend Remains Lackluster, Unit Labor Costs Soft

FMI’s analysis of this morning’s 17Q2 Productivity & Labor Costs report.

Data Round-Up: 16Q4 Mfg Productivity Improves, But Trends Still Dismal

FMI’s review of today’s revised 16Q4 Productivity & Labor Costs data

January Employment Preview: Expect +195K Private Jobs Gain

FMI’s Preview of the January Employment Report, including our reviews of the latest Weekly UI Claims & Rail Traffic results and 16Q4 Productivity & Labor Costs data, as well as our analysis of January Vehicle Sales.

The Oriental Economist Report - January 2017

Richard Katz's January issue of the Oriental Economist includes reports on Why Japan Needs Boost in Productivity - Risk of Zero Per Capita Growth, The Abe-Putin tête-à-tête without Notetakers - “Secret Understanding”, and No Equivalent to Trump or Le Pen or Brexit - Why No Populism in Japan?

Data Round-Up: Real Net Exports to Subtract -1% from Real GDP in 16Q4

FMI’s analyses of this morning’s October International Trade and revised 16Q3 Productivity & Labor Costs reports.

Data Round-Up: Productivity Trend Remains Weak; Small Biz Outlook Firms Slightly

FMI’s analyses of today’s 16Q2 Productivity & Labor Costs data and the July NFIB Small Business Optimism Index, plus notes on June Wholesale Inventories.

Data Round-Up: Productivity Remains Dismal, Compensation Growth Picking Up

FMI’s review of today’s Revised 16Q1 Productivity & Labor Costs results.

Data Round-Up: Green Shoots Continue in Services, Vehicle Sales

FMI’s analyses of this morning’s April Non-Manufacturing Index, April Vehicle Sales, March International Trade, and 16Q1 Productivity & Labor Costs data.

Raising Profits without Raising Sales - What's the Bottom Line?

Japan’s firms, particularly its 5,000 largest firms, have mastered the art of producing growth in profits without growth in sales. They’ve done this by cutting costs, particularly labor costs.