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Latest Reports

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Data Round-Up: Equipment Sector, Vehicles to Add Solidly to 14Q3 GDP

FMI’s analysis of this morning’s August Industrial Production report as well as notes on the September NY Fed Empire regional manufacturing survey.

Fed May Alter Forward Guidance, But Data Always Drive Policy

FMI’s commentary on possible changes to the FOMC’s forward guidance at this week’s meeting.

Data Round-Up: CPI Moderated in August; FOMC Likely to Make Little Change to Guidance

FMI’s analyses of this morning’s August CPI as well as a review of this week’s August PPI results.

Yellen Refines Exit Strategy, ‘Go’ Date Still Data Dependent

Yellen Refines Exit Strategy, ‘Go’ Date Still Data Dependent

Data Round-Up: Claims, Regional Surveys Point to Further Economic Improvement

FMI’s reviews of today’s September Philadelphia Fed Regional Manufacturing survey, the latest Weekly UI Claims & Rail Traffic data and August Housing Starts results.

The Cost of Farm Protectionism - Part 2

Richard Katz continues to detail the costs to the Japanese economy of the continued protection of inefficient farm sectors, not only the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) talks but via all sorts of domestic measures.

Aren't We Friends Anymore? - Part 1

Congressional Republicans taking tougher line on Japan vis-à-vis trade/TPP than does Obama.

Aren't We Friends Anymore? - Part 2

In the next installments of this series, Richard Katz will lay out a scenario of what would be required to get TPP through Congress and a discussion of whether those conditions are being met.

Aren't We Friends Anymore? - Part 3

In thinking through a path by which the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) could be ratified by Congress, here is the only scenario we—or others we have consulted—can come up with.

Aren't We Friends Anymore - Part 4

Republicans say Obama has failed to show leadership in conducting private negotiations and lobbying with Republicans and Democrats on the content of TPA, thereby making it harder to get a TPA done in time.