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Latest Reports

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Domestic Auto & Light Truck Sales

FMI’s review of September vehicle sales results.

September Employment Preview: Expect +225K Private Payroll Jobs

FMI’s Preview of September Employment including analysis of the latest Weekly Initial UI Claims data.

TOE Alert: Post-Tax Spending, Wages Show Further Retrenchment in August

Once again in August, the post-tax hike retrenchment in consumer spending continues to be far worse than expected, as do wages and overall consumer income.

Tokyo Launches 'Blame Game" on TPP

In the aftermath of the breakdown of the US-Japan talks on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), the Japanese government has spread a misleading account of the talks to try to place the blame on Washington.

Data Round-Up: Real Consumption on Track for +2.2% Gain in 14Q3

FMI’s analyses of today’s August Personal Income & Consumption report.

Data Round-Up: Regional Surveys Point to Another Strong PMI; Home Price Gains Decelerate But Still Substantial

FMI’s analyses of today’s September Chicago Purchasing Managers Index and other Regional Surveys and July Home Prices data as well as a Summary of major data released in September and a Schedule of key releases for October.

FMI October 2014 Economic and Investment Outlook

FMI's complete October 2014 Economic & Investment Outlook.

Data Round-Up: PMI, New Housing Construction Stay Healthy in 14Q3

FMI’s analyses of this morning’s September PMI survey and August Construction report.

Fed: Economy Better, Risks Falling But No Exit before Spring

FMI’s commentary on today’s FOMC meeting statement.

Data Round-Up: A Good Morning -- Jobs Growth Healthy, PMI Even Better

FMI’s analyses of this morning’s July Employment report, July PMI survey, June Personal Income data and June Construction report.