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Latest Reports

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Data Round-Up: New Low for Unemployment, Hours Worked Point to Solid 14Q4 GDP

FMI’s analysis of this morning’s October Employment report.

Lower Oil Prices to Grease Real Consumption Near-Term

FMI’s commentary on near-term prospects for real consumption, including the effects of lower oil prices.

October Employment Preview: Expect +250K Private Payroll Jobs

FMI’s Preview of October Employment including analyses of the latest Weekly Initial UI Claims data and today’s 14Q3 Productivity & Labor Costs report.

GOP Wave Shakes Up Politics But Should Have Little Economic Impact

FMI’s commentary on the top ten takeaways from midterm elections.

BOJ Doubles down to Save Credibility, Part 2

Kuroda’s actions may have been triggered by a draft report by the BOJ staff reportedly projecting a large downward revision in expected inflation in fiscal 2015; in the end the BOJ made a small downward revision.

BOJ Doubles down to Save Credibility, Part 1

In the face of growing loss of faith in the Bank of Japan’s ability to either achieve its 2% inflation target in the foreseeable future or to help boost real growth, Kuroda doubled down his strategy of lots of confident talk and even more money-creation.

Data Round-Up: Services Jobs Index Hits 9-Year High, Orders Remain Firm

FMI’s analysis of this morning’s October Non-Manufacturing Index.

Data Round-Up: Trade Revisions to Reduce 14Q3 GDP by Almost a Half-Percent

FMI’s analyses of this morning’s September International Trade report and October Vehicle Sales results.

Data Round-Up: PMI Bounces Back Up to Cycle Highs

FMI’s analyses of this morning’s October PMI survey and September Construction report, as well as a review of 14Q3 GDP Sources & Assumptions.

FMI Weekly Data Preview: November 3-7

FMI’s Preview of the coming week’s data releases including a Summary of data released in October and a Schedule of major releases in November.