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Deja vu: Yellen Out to Repeat Greenspan's Disastrous Policy

FMI’s commentary on ominous historical parallels to Yellen’s intended policy course.

Data Round-Up: UI Claims Holding Near Structural Lows

FMI’s reviews of the latest Weekly UI Claims & Rail Traffic data and the June Import/Export Prices report.

2nd Quarter GDP, Consumption Worse than 1997

The fallbacks in consumption and GDP were both markedly worse this April-June than after the analogous tax hike in 1997.

Data Round-Up: 'Gray' July Retail Sales Point to Softer 14Q3 Consumption Growth

FMI’s analyses of today’s July Retail Sales and June Business Inventories reports as well as an updated look at 14Q2 GDP Sources & Assumptions.

Currencies and Japanese Vs. Korean Exports

One of the big surprises to most economists was how little Japan’s exports have responded to the 22% depreciation of the yen since autumn 2012.

Data Round-Up: NFIB, JOLTS Show Improving Labor Markets, Rising Wages

FMI’s reviews of today’s July NFIB Small Business Optimism Index and June Job Openings & Labor Turnover Survey data.

Fed ‘Macroprudential Policy’ No Substitute for Proper Rates

FMI’s commentary on the Fed’s new emphasis on regulatory policy.

FMI Weekly Data Preview: August 11-15

FMI’s Preview of this week’s major data reports. With conditions uncertain and likely deteriorating in both Ukraine and the Middle East, geopolitics will continue to be in the forefront.

Data Round-Up: 14Q2 Productivity Solid But Trend Still Weak, Compensation Improving

FMI’s analysis of today's 14Q2 Productivity and Labor Costs data and a review of June Wholesale Inventories results.

Data Round-Up: Initial UI Claims Fall to 8-Year-Low

FMI’s review of the latest Weekly UI Claims & Rail Traffic data.