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Data Round-Up: Existing Homes Sales Rally in March

FMI’s review of this morning’s March Existing Homes Sales report

Infrastructure Stimulus Has Poor Track Record

FMI’s Friday commentary on the poor track record of federal infrastructure projects for, um, making tracks, highways, etc, plus notes on increased exports and imports for March, as well as our overview of upcoming elections in the UK and France.

Data Round-Up: Fed Surveys Retrench More But ‘Trump Bump’ Still On

FMI’s analyses of this morning’s April Philadelphia Fed Manufacturing Index and the latest Weekly UI Claims and Rail Traffic results.

More Labor Slack than U-3 Says But Less than Doves Hope

FMI’s commentary on the amount of labor slack in the economy

Data Round-Up: Utilities Heat Up, But Mfg Brakes; Housing Trends Remain Solid

FMI’s analyses of this morning’s March Industrial Production and March Housing Starts reports.

FMI Weekly Data Preview: April 17-24

FMI’s Preview of this week’s notable data releases

Data Round-Up: After Slow March, Real Growth and Inflation Should Rebound

FMI’s analyses of this morning’s March CPI, March Retail Sales, and February Business Inventories reports, as well as a review of March Bank Lending & Money Supply results.

Data Round-Up: Core PPI Flat in March, Somewhat Below Expectations

FMI’s analyses of this morning’s March PPI (including a review of high-frequency inflation indicators) and the latest Weekly UI Claims and Rail Traffic results.

Data Round-Up: Dollar, Trade Prices Holding Steady

FMI’s review of U.S. Dollar and Trade Prices for March

Data Round-Up II: Fed Banks Keep Up Pressure for Further Rate Hikes

FMI’s review of the Fed’s recent Discount Rate Meetings released this afternoon plus an overview of the Fed Balance Sheet as policymakers move toward a strategy to wind down their extreme portfolio.