Monetary Policy

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Preview of Data Releases: September 8-11, 2015

FMI’s Preview of the rest of this week’s few notable data releases.

Labor Market Now Meets Fed Criteria to Start Rate Hikes

FMI’s commentary on the countdown to the September 16-17 FOMC meeting.

Presidential Election Will Not Deter Fed from Hiking Rates

FMI’s commentary on the myth of Fed ‘time-outs’ during election years.

Labor Trends Support Decision to Start Rate Hikes -- Soon

Mike Lewis' Commentary on labor market trends and what is likely to be a sooner-than-later Fed decision to start rate hikes.

Five Observations for the New FOMC Era

FMI’s Commentary on the FOMC as it enters its new data-dependent era.

Stock Market ‘Correction’ Should Not Stop Rate Hikes

FMI’s Friday Commentary on Yellen’s not-at-all-dovish view of the stock market.

TOE Alert: The Cost of the Weak Yen: 5% of Gross Domestic Income

The 30% depreciation of the yen could be lowering Japan’s standard of living by as much as 4-5%, according to the GDP figures,

Forward Guidance Now Gone; FOMC to Start Rate Hikes 'When Appropriate'

FMI’s commentary on today’s FOMC post-meeting statement.

FMI Weekly Data Preview: April 27-May 1

FMI’s Preview of this week’s major data releases.

The Case for Lowering the Fed's Inflation Target

FMI’s Commentary on proposals to raise the Fed’s official +2% inflation target.